​​It is often heart wrenching for pet owners to  put their pet in to a kennel while they leave on their vacations.  Make your vacation more enjoyable for you and your pet by staying with your pet while you are out, or making daily visits to your pet to make sure they are still loved while you are away.

Overnight per day



*Based on up to 2 pets with standard care. Oral or topical medicines included.

  Drop in checks: includes 30 minute stay, food & water check, litter box cleaned:

  • $20/each Desert Hills Area
  • $25 Anthem, Cave Creek, etc.
  • first 2 per day
  • $25 each 3-4 visits/day
  • or overnights are recommended

Pawtentials Unlimited would love to help care for your pet during your busy day or while you are out of commission. We can go for a walk, go to the park, run him/her to the vet or groomer, or I can even watch while you are away for the weekend. I have been a lifelong pet lover of all our 4 footed friends and would love to help take care of yours! Be assured, I will care for your loved ones like they are my very own.

Pet Taxi

  I can chauffeur your pet to appointments you are not able to make. Safety belts are provided and required. Great for Vet visits, groomers, dog park dates etc.


$20: First 10 miles roundtrip included - plus $15/hr over 30 minutes.

*Starting prices based on business proximity and specific client needs.

Pawtentials Unlimited

Pet Sitting*

Phoenix (Desert Hills), AZ 85086             




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Services starting as low as $20!

Dog Walking

or Day Relief*

  I believe a walk is more than a walk; it is an opportunity to exercise their body, and their mind.  Dogs who receive middday breaks tend to bark less and act out less. This leads to happier dogs, pet parents, neighbors, and property owners. and less destruction in the home. If desired, I can work with their trained commands and keep them fresh.  I will stay near your home, unless you have made special requests, and we'll gladly go there!

  If your pet is better off staying home, I can let them out back and encourage play interaction and/or snuggle time, a personal favorite.

Price per walk or break*

$20/30 minutes

Refer a friend and get rewards! Minimum 3 months, 3-5 days per week​