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I have always had a passion for animals, especially our canine friends. All my life, I have been a pet parent for at least one dog, and often up to three at a time. We (my husband and family) have provided basic training and created astounding and lovable pets. On occasion, we have utilized professional training resources and had rewarding learning experiences. I stand above most other dog walkers and pet sitters because of my in-depth knowledge of canine behaviors. I have taken several extensive classes on this particular subject, as well as mentored with several trainers regarding technique, breed variances, and the HIGHLY important aspect of understanding body language. Several of my clients have been impressed with my ability to bond with their fur babies they thought of as difficult animals.

We worked intensely with a Dane we adopted from a rescue. He exhibited worrisome signs of reactivity, which often leads to aggression. After  professional training, we worked diligently to help him overcome his issues.  I found the process very fulfilling, valuable, and inspiring. 

I have been married to my husband, Dave since 1994, and have two wonderful grown children. I proudly focused on volunteer work while raising my kids. I've taken on fundraisers, events, collection drives and leadership positions for Parent/Teacher organizations, scouting, band boosters and several organizations that benefit less fortunate children. All of these ventures have become important aspects of my life, and I intend to continue contributing time to worthy community causes.