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Mark & Roxanne

Anthem, AZ - pet sitting clients

Back home we always had family or friends dog/house sit. Being new to AZ we had no contacts but knew we did not want a kennel nor pet hotel.  We found Kimberly by word of mouth. We are so happy with her & her service. Our dogs love her too! She is true to her word & listens to our requests.  We can now say we have a friend to watch our "kids".

Jody Davidson

PHD Obedience

​Cave Creek, AZ

As a professional Dog Trainer whose current canine family includes a Certified Search and Rescue dog, several champions and a litter of puppies about ready to go to their new homes, I am VERY cautious about who stays with my "pack of pups" when I need to be out-of-town. Kim is a knowledgeable, capable, professional who takes her job seriously. I appreciate the fact that she is continually upgrading her knowledge base, especially in the area of canine behavior. Kim gives each dog individual attention and can certainly handle maintaining a dog's obedience training regime. She has administered medicines to my various dogs and I especially appreciate the fact that Kim is painstaking in following any direction I leave for the handling of an individual dog. Her prices are reasonable and her dependability is exceptional. Basically what I am saying is I want only the best for my dogs and that's why, for almost a year, I've been using Kim for any time I can't be home with my dogs.

Layne K.
AZ Dog Smart Academy

Paradise Valley, AZ

Kimberly is a graduate of our AZ Dog Smart Academy, an intensive 8 week class on Dog behavior, breed characteristics, and canine development. She is looking forward to furthering her career as a dog professional by attending her next level of positive training methods and working with rescue dogs. As a long time pet guardian herself, Kim is a caring, dependable, and educated pet sitter and dog walker. We are happy and proud to recommend her!

I have always had a passion for animals, especially our canine friends. All my life, I have been a pet parent for at least one dog, and often up to three at a time. We (my husband and family) have provided basic training and created astounding and lovable pets. On occasion, we have utilized professional training resources and had rewarding learning experiences. Most recently, we have worked intensely with a Dane we adopted from a rescue. He exhibited worrisome signs of aggression, and after some professional training, we have continued to work diligently to help him overcome his issues.  I have found the process very fulfilling, valuable, and inspiring. I have taken a new class being offered from AZ Dog Sports to become an educated pet caretaker and trainer.

I have been married to my husband, Dave since 1994, and have two fantastic kids, age 19 and 16. Since 2004, I proudly focused on a great deal of volunteer work while raising my children. I have taken on fundraisers, events, collection drives, and leadership positions for Parent/Teacher organizations, scouting, band boosters, and several organizations that benefit less fortunate children.  All of these ventures have become important aspects of my life, and I intend to continue contributing time to worthy community causes.

Ashley E

Anthem, AZ - Dog walking & Pet sitting clients

Kimberly with Pawtentials Unlimited is AMAZING! Upon interviewing her 2 years ago as a potential dog walker for our newly adopted dog we all knew right away she was the right fit for us. Our little dog Romo can be pretty anxious at times, especially around new people. She walked into our home and immediately sat on the floor to connect with Romo. He took to her right away and even cried when she left. She is dependable and we can't imagine our lives without her! In the two years since knowing Kimberly, we have also had her stay in our home with Romo when we go out of town. We trust her implicitly and know our little guy will be well cared for, even spoiled, while we are gone.

Susana B

Anthem, AZ - Dog walking client

Kimberly Troksa will bring some new happiness to your home.  She has a lovely way about her that everyone, and every dog, will appreciate.  Kimberly is a wonderful canine care giver and I have been extremely happy with her and very lucky to have her in my dog's life.  My dog loves Kimberly.  She always knows which day Kimberly is going to come and sits by the front door waiting for her.  There is really no better recommendation than this!

Phoenix (Desert Hills), AZ 85086