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Welcome to Pawtentials Unlimited where I promise to treat your four legged friends as if they were members of my own family.  I created this business out my love for animals and to share the experiences I have learned throughout my life time of being a pet parent. I love all our fur faced friends and decided to make a living out of my passion! I have a certified education in dog basics, and want to apply my love, experience, and knowledge to taking care of your pets. I currently have three dogs of my own ranging from 20-150 lbs; so big or small, I can give your pets the care they need. I also have experience caring for cats, and other small pets. And rest assured, they'll love me, too.

At Pawtentials Unlimited

we treat your pets like members of our family

because they are a part of yours.

  I have always had a passion for animals, especially our canine friends. All my life, I have been a pet parent for at least one dog, and often up to three at a time. We (my husband and family) have provided basic training, a lot of love and have created astounding and lovable pets.


 I've had a lifetime of experience and training with canine behavior and I'm ready to care for your four-pawed wonders. 

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